Here’s a little number

I’ve been distracted by a kitchen renovation. A lot of my time has been taken up by moving my pantry and dishes to a temporary home and dealing with the insanity that comes from not being entirely able to organize my life or clean properly.

I have managed to complete one little project that has been in the back of my mind for a old house numberswhile now. New house numbers.

When guests look for our house they usually drive by a couple times before they are sure they’re at the right address. We’re a corner lot surrounded by a tall hedge and old spruce trees. The driveway is a car and a half long for the house numbers are relatively far from the curb. All that can be seen from the road is our garage IMG_20160823_191050door and the brick surrounding it. The house number is next to that garage door in very small inconspicuous brass on that brick.

The numbers were basically camouflaged.

housenumbersinstalledI wanted bigger and better. I looked around but found nothing I liked. Nothing
significantly bigger. Nothing simple.

So I made my own out of a discarded piece of oak. I painted them white, which is way more visible from the street, particularly at night. They’re three feet tall, and easy to read from a distance.

I also think they suit the house and us. One small project off the big project list.




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