Stitches and time

My husband thinks I am obsessed. He may be right.

Almost every night I sit on the couch for two, often three hours working on my latest cross stitch project with half an eye on the TV. I completely lose track of time.
I reignited my off-again-on-again passion for this hobby when I decided to clean out the basement. I lugged a dusty file box upstairs and discovered a forgotten store of fabric crafts I had done when my son was young. Most notable among the box contents were three things.

pillow seatA pillow with a Beatrix Potter poem embroidered on it. That is now sitting on my chair in my library.

IMG_20160130_235437-COLLAGEA cross stitch made from my own sketch of two canaries perched on a vine. I had it framed, and hung it in my bedroom.

A partially complete
Celtic inspired cross stitch of a boar which I finished up on a recent road trip to and from northern Saskatchewan.

boar cross stitch doneFinishing the boar just reminded me why I had taken stitching up. I am not a sitter. I even have difficulty sitting through a movie because it just feels so unproductive. I need something to do with my hands. Lastly, and pretty significantly, it gave me the perfect way to spend a long, dark, cold winter night with my husband. He watches a lot of TV. I could be sitting happily next to him. I figure that’s a perfect way to transition into our old age.

IMG_20160131_121056I started a new, and very ambitious ‘ten year’ project. When it’s done it will be a table runner about 9 feet long. I originally thought this would be something I’d only do during the winter, but it is summer already and I’ve yet to put it down.

From November to April I worked out a design and then stitched to secure the edges and seams in the fabric – it’s made of three, three-foot lengths. That mid-winter effort wasn’t really something I could point to as an obvious accomplishment, so I kept going because I wanted to see some of the vision begin to show.

I have been working on the spruce trees since May.

tree cross stitch 1x workingtree cross stitch 1x almost doneThey sit on the seams and anchor the project so were a good place to start.

The most difficult part was the seam because the fabric didn’t line up 100% so I wasn’t just sliding the needle through a hole, but pushing it through two tough layers of fabric.

I stitched the tree design free-hand, based on my drawings. I tried to make each tree look similar, but didn’t try to make them match exactly. Have you ever seen a forest full of matching trees? Neither have I.

done treesfirst tree cross stitch 2x startedI’m done the trees now. I think my next step will be to ring them with one complete row of the background colour, and then start on the moose to the right of each tree.

It’s July now. It’s warm and the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 11 p.m. so I have less reason to sit on the couch.

My pace may slow as I spend more evening hours outdoors. I have a dog to walk. I want to make some time for painting. I have two dresses cut and waiting to be sewn. I have a plain denim dress I am hoping to embroider. I found a product to make a mould from my old clay statues.

I have a lot of projects on the go, but this is the only one that really allows me to sit and relax so I don’t think I will really put it away.




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