Literal literary living


My house is a mid century traditional beauty. It has well defined spaces, big windows and lots of room, but when we moved in the decor didn’t match my style or my husband’s, and it obviously didn’t match the style we were trying to create together. That’s where renos come in.

When we moved in to our new house we started renovation planning. Had we moved in sooner my first project would have been the garden, but we moved in the fall so instead our first project centred on the other passion we have in common – books.

2012-12-19 17.34.29We are both readers and we literally brought several hundred pounds of paper to our relationship.

Place to be libraryI knew what I wanted, and part of the house choice had been based on a perfect room for a library so I also had the spot set aside, but neither of us had the skill set to make it what we envisioned. We hired a carpenter to do a whole room of built in shelving.

He did an incredible job. It is a beautiful new room and a beautiful way to kick off a new chapter in our life together.

library gardenThe library sits off the patio. There is a beautiful view of the lilac and huge elm through the french doors. These two things, reading and gardening, are my favourite relaxing activities. In my house, they sit next to each other but are kept apart by the seasons.

I wanted a way to bring these two spaces and their two themes together. My contribution to the bookshelf project was to figure out how to bring the library and garden space together for the whole year.

The library was a quick fix. A whole shelf of gardening books, four african violets and a spider plant later it was green enough to keep me content. My real work was being ready to bring my library out with me into the garden in spring.

11214087_10153432399759715_2891540579769176292_nWhen I saw brick books on Pinterest I just knew I had to make some for my own home sweet home. 10407562_10153434237369715_2110317953485384137_nThe brilliant thing is, some of my favourite books have titles that reference nature. How cool is that?

I made five brick books. They look so lovely I think I will make more next year and scatter them around the whole yard, and maybe eventually I’ll have a full library both outdoors and in.

brick books

Fiction and flora, alliterally the perfect combination.




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