Good fences make good neighbours

My last post was about the absolutely fabulous garden my husband built for me. While he was hard at work making our garden space functional, I was hard at work making it beautiful.

I wanted to create something to represent our new blended family. I decided on a family fence, and included one slat for each of us. There is even one for our dog, Tessa. When I put it together I tried to replicate our relative heights too. The short one is me. Oh, and I added a squirrel to the edge because the dog is constantly chasing squirrels.

601036_10151745161999715_2122854738_n               1002802_10151743723409715_2060541208_n               995692_10151743223849715_179934763_n

Then my husband attached it to spikes under some spruces trees along one side of my garden – where there was a gap in the hedge that rings the yard anyway so it added privacy. 1001552_10151869114209715_53356817_n

That was the first year. The second year, when I decided I wanted a couple more raised beds in the garden I also decided I wanted to fill one other small gap in the hedge. Over the winter some deer had wandered through the garden so I used that as inspiration.

10502372_10152581490669715_5723150362362470824_n                    11745435_10153500895664715_3784684250315692719_n

Again, my husband attached it to spikes – after he finished building the last long bed and the strawberry bed.

The other day while on one of my first spring garden inspections I noted there was a gap under one of the largest spruces where we had trimmed away some old branches. I think I’m going to make a small fence to fill it. Shorter. Maybe a wolf silhouette. I’ve got a few months to think about because I won’t have time until the garden is all planted and thriving.



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