Sew much to do, sew little time to do it

When I was in Junior High school we girls were forced to take Home Economics courses. Cooking, sewing and ‘feelings’ were considered the mandatory obligation of a well rounded 20th century woman.

hunter edI had two Home Economics teachers. Mrs ‘I’m only angry because I hate you all’, and Mrs ‘My tan, long nails and big hair are my meal ticket’. The latter was married to a Hunter Education teacher – which, in some weird perversion of logic was considered OK for fragile feminine types, even when the shop classes were still verboten. I was not a fan of Home Economics.

in gelatin you sayIn spite of my circa 1979 you know it’s fancy because it’s encased in gelatin cooking classes rather than because of them, I’ve become a pretty decent cook.

What I have never yet mastered is sewing. To be fair, I haven’t really tried. But, I am fashion obsessed. I also get a lot of clothes tailored because I’m a size 4 everywhere but my waist, and at my waist I’m a size 6.

To that end, I’ve decided that I need to be more in charge of my wardrobe, and that means sewing. Pinterest has convinced me this is not a pipe dream.

missoni fabricI hit the fabric store last weekend, ostensibly to buy buttons. I found these two fabrics in the discount bin:

What does that fabric remind you of…? It reminds me of Missoni. I love Missoni, maybe because it makes me flash back to those 1970’s Home Economics classes, who knows? Anyway, I bought the fabrics. I am now in search of the perfect simple pattern to make myself a Missoni inspired dress. Wish me luck.

Missoni_Thumb2 missoni-01-1 missoni3



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