A bicycle skirt for you

IMG_20160112_112349I ran across this Love Moschino skirt at Simons in West Edmonton Mall recently. I love denim skirts, I love love Simons, and I love love, Love Moschino.

Then I looked at the price tag. Now, I have a pretty high ceiling when it comes to buying clothes. I consider my clothing wearable art, and I use it to express myself. But this skirt was $495.00 – for a denim skirt with a completely inaccurate map of the world painted on it. I am not paying that.

IMG_20160208_214854A couple days later I was in Dots. Dots is a fabulous clearance clothing store. They have great deals and get some good labels in. In Dots I found a simple denim skirt. The price tag said $24.99, which I happily paid $24.99 for a tabula rasa in denim.

I bet you can see where I am going with this. The compulsive creator in me added the situation up.

I love denim skirts + I love to paint + bonus plus, ever since I got my Daisy (that’s my bike’s name) I have been in love with the idea of riding my bike to market like a pretty French fashionista = making my own painted skirt to cycle in. What a fabulous way to combine my passions! Fashion, art and bicycles.

So I came up with a sketch, and traced that sketch onto the skirt with chalk.


Then I went to DeSerres in West Edmonton Mall and bought some fabric paint; pink, blue, grey, ecru, white, and black. Then the part part started:




To finish I had to to iron the backside to set the paint. Then all that was left to do was to put on my pretty new couture skirt, hop on my bike and live the designer dream.

riding with daisy



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