Onward and upward

STAR 1It hit me about a month ago. I am getting old. I know I look hip and young, but the illusion cracks when you see me trying to get up from sitting on the sofa for an hour.

The symptoms of my advanced age have been pointed out to me as I struggle to count out nickels and dimes (they were weighing down my purse) to pay for my americano. Like, who pays for anything with change? It’s an anachronism.

These symptoms reoccur each time I have to move my glasses onto my nose end to peer over them to read fine print. I used to do cross stitching when I watched TV. I can’t do that now. I either have the glasses on to see the TV, or the glasses off to see the fabric. Aging can be so inflexible.

I also suffer memory problems. Like that time that when a new friend asked an old friend how long we had known each other. 28 years. We met when I was 19. I was 19, 28 years ago. I remember it like yesterday, and yet don’t actually remember what I did yesterday. Life is so full of contradictions.

This sounds so negative, but it isn’t all bad. I am compensated for my symptoms by my advanced ability to express myself freely. That comes with confidence, it comes with practice, and it comes with the fear that if you don’t do it soon you’ll never do it at all.

So, onward and upward, and over the hill I go, and to amuse myself I am going to post the fashionable, unfashionable and sundry of-a-certain-age related projects I take on here.







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